Monday, January 31, 2011

Dance schools within the area

If you are in elementary school and looking for an amazing middle school to go to you may want to check out Bak Middle School of the Arts. I'm not just saying this because I went there for three amazing years, but the teachers there are amazing. If you aren't into dance they do have other majors, such as, communications, visual arts, theater, and music, both band and vocal. Auditions are going on currently, at least from what I've been told for the 2011-2012 school year. I know for dance you have to create a minute (at least it was when I was there) piece to perform to the judges. You will also have to go through a dance class. Don't make the mistake of some kids I went to school with and show up to the audition in jeans and a shirt. Wear a leotard and tights. If you don't own a pair you can purchase them at Shape Shop. The ballet teachers are Mrs. Satinoff, Mrs. Sperounis, Ms. Schiller and Mr. DeBarros, or better known as Mr. D
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If you are a middle school student looking for an arts high school, you should look into Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, again I'm not saying this because that is where I went to school for four years. But we had some amazing teachers there as well. Dreyfoos auditions are harder than Bak M.S.O.A. is, because they are more strict. When I was there, Mr. Satinoff was an amazing teacher, but a stickler for perfection, even during the auditions. I was told, if you can't do it well on point then do it on flat. Which is harsh, but the truth. It could mean you going to an amazing dance school or just going to a public school and losing your interest in dance. Dreyfoos is located in the heart of West Palm Beach right across from City Place
View Larger Map of course this isn't the only reason you should go there! It's the same with Bak, they also have other majors, same as at Bak. So if dance isn't your scene, don't lose hope because there's other stuff you could go there for!

If you want to try out, I wish you luck because it's such an amazing school.

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