Monday, January 31, 2011

Bak Dance Concert (Part 1)

Bak Middle School of the Arts dance concert on Saturday January 29, 2011 was definitely different from any dance show that I have seen. They had an array of different dance styles, from modern to boggie, from jazz to ballet, even a little bit of lyrical was thrown in.

The show started off with a piece from Hollond Schiller titled Boggie Shoes, the music was by KC and the Sunshine Band. This piece was very cute and out of the ordinary. If you aren't a huge ballet/dance fan than this is defiantly the dance for you.

The second piece was a piece by Heidi Sperounis titled Embassy Waltz, music by Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. This piece was nicely done, I just felt personally, nothing against Mrs. Sperounis, but the girls and boys rushed this piece, they didn't listen to the beat of the music.

This piece was followed by another Schiller piece titled Shรถne with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I thought that this piece was interesting. Of course for some it might not have been as interesting as her first piece, but for a dance lover this is one of her better pieces.

The fourth piece was a piece that was choreographed by an outside choreographer named David Parsons of American Dance Legacy Institute, with music by Tony Powell. I found this piece very interesting and wish that we could have had something like this while I was attending MSOA, but I was still blessed to be able to see such a talented group of students put this piece on.

Valse Magique by Martha Satinoff (dean of the dance department) was next. This piece reminded me of something we did when I was in middle school. I even think it was the same music, Waltz from Magical Flute. Of course I don't remember, but it was still nice to see a Mrs. Satinoff piece again!

This next piece is a Carlos DeBarros piece. "This dance is for everyone who has ever felt like not getting up when the alarm goes off," as he stated in the program. To me this piece is a perfect example of what my class (back in 2000 to 2002) looked like every morning when we would roll into the dance studio first thing in the morning. This dance was so funny and I wish all of you had the chance to see it. This piece was set to music by Balkan Beat Box.

The first half of the show concluded with a piece from Martha Satinoff with music by Larry Carlton. In my opinion, this piece was slow but it was still good.

Overall the first half of the show was amazing, nothing like I remember Middle School of the Arts dance shows being, minus what we still call to this day, the Catchup and Mustard dance choreographed by Mr. Clarence Brooks who now teaches at FAU.

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