Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bak Dance Concert (Part 2)

After the 15 minute intermission the second half of the show started, so all the audience members threw their drinks away, stopped the conversation, some put their phones away and the lights went down, the curtain opened and the show began.

Double Violin a piece created by Heidi Sperounis to music by Johann Sebastian Bach was one of my favorite dance pieces. When watching this piece it seemed like I did the same dance back in the day, but regardless the music was amazing and the dancers weren't the best, but still you shouldn't expect much, they are in middle school.

Following the ballet piece was a modern piece by Hollond Schiller. Just for a Moment with music by George Benson was an interesting piece. The costumes were thus far were one of my favorites.

One of my favorite ballet pieces was next La Sylphide (I'll expain in another post a little more about the story behind this dance.) This piece was staged by Martha Satinoff, but based on the original by Filippe Taglioni and the reconstruction by Pierre Lacotte.
The following piece was Mi Amor another DeBarros piece. It was different than most of his other pieces, but it was still interesting. The music choice was odd for the name, but still enjoyable. The music choice was Pink.

Following Mi Amor came the most amazing DeBarros piece that I had to dedicate a whole blog post about it. Gossip had such a powerful message that I felt everyone should hear it and understand that gossip is real and it does hurt people's feelings.

Following Gossip came my mother's favorite piece. Cuban Sugar was a different version of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker. The costumes were exotic, very similar to what you would were when doing the tango, but somehow seemed to fit into ballet very nicely. (Note, not a fan of the hyperlink, but it gives you a gist of what the ballet is about. Says that the ballet was choreographed by Tchiakovsky, but he was the man who wrote the score, Sverre Indris Joner was the choreographer)
The last piece was Cycles. This piece was choreographed by Carlos DeBarros and has such an inspiring inspiration behind it. Him and his wife Kate about 16 weeks ago found out that they were having a baby. "This piece symbolizes the natural cycles of life and death and is dedicated to the LIFE of my unborn baby." I find that so touching and I hope one day his kid will see how luck he or she is to know that his or her father loved him or her the moment he found out! Congrats Carlos and Kate DeBarros!

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