Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proper Theater Etiquette

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Many people don't know when to and when not to clap during a performance. While at Bak Middle School of the Arts dance concert, I noticed that a majority of the audience didn't know when to clap, or to yell, or to use their phones. I also noticed it yesterday at the Daniel Elsburg Lecture, that took place at Florida Atlantic Universities Boca Raton campus. Of course, these are two different shows, but the same rules apply.

The basics are:
1) No talking
2) No chewing up
3) No CELL phones, or TEXTING
4) Don't walk to your seat during a performance
5) Don't yell (their name, or whoot whoot) during the performance, save it till the end
6) Don't applaud till after the performance, or piece is done
7) Don't get up during the performance, or go to your seat
8) No drinks or food allowed in the theater, unless stated otherwise

During a performance, you can you can't really do much, but sit there and watch the show and enjoy the performance that is being put on. If you need to take notes, then do it quietly and don't make notice to yourself. You also shouldn't use your cell phone to put light on the paper or the playbill.

During the intermission you are of course allowed to do all of these things because that is when you are giving the break to stretch your legs and have a break. You can use your cell, do whatever you want. But once you see the lights flicker twice then you return to your seat and enjoy the remainder of the show.

These rules of course differ from theater to theater, and if the performance is outside or not, but these are the basic rules that I think everyone should apply to their lives before they go to a show, a graduation, or even class. It will not only make it more enjoyable for you, but for others around you.

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