Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shape Shop

For those of you dancers, joggers, yoga buff and work out junkies living in Boca Raton boy do I have the place for you. Shape Shop located just west of the Turnpike has all your needs! From praise dance outfits to point shoes they have you covered. This locally owned dance studio, which used to be located just south of Glades Road on the Turnpike, has the best offers in Boca. All dance wear is 10% off and workout is 20%. Plus personally knowing the owner this is the best service you can get! I grew up going to Shape Shop for all my dancing needs and I have always had quick and attentive service, and they were also personal with me. Right when I walked in the door I was greeted, "Hello Jenna, how are you today?" I would answer right back, "Hello [employees name], I'm fine and you?" Of course all the employees I knew are now gone and have families of their own, but the staff they have now is just as friendly as before! So put down your mouse, jump in your car and head down to Shape Shop for all of your dance and workout needs!

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Not only does it have everything you need for dance, but Jewels dance is right next door, along with a gym, shoe outlet store, home goods, plus plenty of yummy restaurants!


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